Without ruining Anatolian Music, Instruments, Traditional Culture; I am on the road with the aim of introducing the local, visual resources humblely.

I was born on January 1, 1969 in the  village  of Gümüşseren in the district of  Aşkale ,  Erzurum Elementary, Middle School and High School  Aşkale  after reading in high school,  Kocaeli ,  in Karamürsel  from sea assubay school who graduated in 1989, the first TCG mission. I started my duty in Savaştepe Destroyer. I retired in 2012 after successfully completing many ship and headquarters duties under the Naval Forces. Currently  taking the representation of IQCERT in EGE  region; Elite Consultancy  established my corporate business and I  do it by undertaking tasks such as International Certification, Certification, Accreditation, Trademark & Patent Registration Attorney and project consultancy, Nano Technology, Information Expertise, WebMaster, Hostinger, International Quality Expert ! .. Together with national and international organizations, I offer solution partnership services and it is very small I started music on the occasion that my father also continued the tradition of poetry at ages and was influenced by very important names around me, I always reached at home, school, the Public Education Center and everywhere I went with the baglama instrument, and I got together and integrated! .. I was determined, I did not give up! .. More I developed a lot of music-related subjects with a lot of effort… And I am continuing! .. Because I am at the beginning of the road! .. "Thin than fine" consisting of 10 traditional works  I presented my Folk Music album named "Folk Music" to my audience and listeners on CD and all Digital Media in 2019, I will continue with my new works. I have many local and foreign music projects; I always need valuable sponsors and music people who will support and share them in order to realize and develop them! ..

  • My door is always open to accurate and sincere offers! ...

    Yaşar USLU


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